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Astro remedial measures
One of the most important part of astrology. this part remains untouched by most of astrologers we come across your present day to day problems after analysing your horoscope and will give you easy , time saving and money saving remedies to be done by yourself.
These remedies minimize your problem. so, we not only give your past and present predictions but also give you complete solution for your whole problems. so, just click on to and have a happy joyful life

The divine and the most important utility of astrology is to forewarn human being about the future difficulties and enable him to forwarm himself to face difficulties, obstacles , calamities and to take appropriate remedial measures to overcome and minimize the evil/malefic effects of the planets.

Most people, when they think of jyotish, the Indian system of astrology, invariably (and in my opinion mistakenly) think of temples, gongs, incense, pot-bellied priests, amulets, poojas and gemstones - all against the background of indecipherably mysterious but soothing chants. It seems that despite all the 'airing' that has gone on over last many years and despite the increasing openness in recent years - some individuals still consider jyotish as being some kind of a cloistered and sacred closet that has a mystical aura without which it cannot exist (therein lies the myth!). Some of these myths originate from ignorance or perhaps from partial knowledge while others are really rationalizations put forth by tropical astrologers who feel the need to reconcile with the differences caused by different frameworks but somewhat rules and symbolism. Like any other form of astrology, jyotish has its share of psychics that knowingly or inadvertently use the horoscope and astro-symbolism as launching pads for their psychic flights. The advice they give is valuable and accurate, perhaps more so than that given by many astrologers, but their experiences should not be converted into astrological rules as they pose a problem for those who truly utilize astrological rules as a logical structure. Perhaps there is no purely logical astrologer as all of us are psychic and intuitive to some extent, but we are talking about relative degrees of logic vs gut feeling here.

NOTE :- Please keep in mind you have to renew your remedies on every birth day. For your new remedy you have to contact us on your birth day. Our remedies work for one whole year (i.e.from your one birth day to next birth day )

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