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Astrology is a science as well as an art – with scientific application of various planetary positions as well as experience, an accurate forecast can be made. Just as the captain of a ship uses a compass and a map to chart the course of ship,So does the birth chart and planetary movements help to plan major events in life.
Astrology is like a watch which shows time . as all we know time plays on important part. in life so is Astrology . Everything in this universe is related to time directly or indirectly . if you are behind time and if you are ahead of time even than you misfits in the system time plays in important role in life. if we can understand the mystery of present time we can create miracles by carecting the past errors and build better future of our change we can gets understand this mystery of our present time from the movements of planets and this whole systematic process is called Astrology. Astrology make in individual understand his place in this world by providing run information so that we can do best in life Astrology helps a man to analyses hum self so that he may not waste his energy to become victim of circumstances Astrology makes the satiations around himconsciiausly , this avoiding major disaster in bad times The movement of planets in salar system generates a lot of energy this energy play an important role on this world in general and on human life partiulorn The Birth cart or horoscope is a map which shows the good or bad time of one's life including his/her past, present a future. horoscope can give us a clear future as to where we are wedding if man's energy is tuned with the energy generated by the plouet.march ahead with his plans and reach the goal however if there is neswarmomy , then everything can go mayware Astrology is a Science which enables won to put him eught on the tracks if anything has gone wrong an his journey in his life.

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